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seit 1829 die Stempel Gürtel 47 Teile Accessoires Geschenkartikel Service campaign

Treat nature with respect.

Our message “Treat nature with respect” is a call for the highest standards in craftsmanship and food culture. It is an expression of the value we place on high-quality food, expert and artistic preparation and the act of sitting down together to a meal – the true celebration of table culture; in other words, it is an expression of the beautiful relationship between fine food and exquisitely handcrafted cutlery.

We promote sustainability and awareness in dealing with foodstuffs, animals, plants and other natural resources which we humans need to live and to enjoy our culture.

The juxtaposition of natural food and Koch & Bergfeld cutlery invites us to think about what we eat, to respect nature and to regard eating as a cultural experience. The advantages of using handcrafted silver cutlery are manifold – it is stylish, shows appreciation and says a lot about the user, but most importantly, it gives pleasure.

The campaign was developed by the “das Duell” agency, Bremen, Germany, and Thomas Winkler, Berlin, Germany.

Kampagne Apfel
Kampagne Ente
Kampagne Heringschwarm
Kampagne Hirsch
Kampagne Apfel
Kampagne Ente Kampagne Heringsschwarm Kampagne Hirsch

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Campaign video

Kampagnen Video

A video was also produced to accompany the campaign. Click on the picture or on “Play film” to watch the video.

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