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Koch & Bergfeld company profile and ethos

WerkzeuglagerThe company

The silverware manufacture is a family company. It was founded by silversmith Gottfried Koch in 1829 in Bremen, Germany, and came by its well-known name of Koch & Bergfeld when Kochís son-in-law Ludwig Bergfeld joined him ca. 1835.

Many generations of Kochs and Bergfelds have run the silversmiths, worked on product designs and steered the company and its employees through the crises of the past two centuries.

Today, the cutlery manufacture is owned by the businessmen Klaus Neubauer and Wigmar Bressel, both of whom also work for the company. The firm specialises in the manufacture of superior-quality silver cutlery and accessories. Since 1875, the Manufacture and the companyís registered office have been located in the now listed factory complex at Kirchweg 200 in Bremenís Neustadt district.